At Talkeetna Wilderness River Fishing Guides, we pride ourselves on many things

Among them are the high quality and success of our fishing for all species of Salmon, Rainbows, Dolly Varden Trout and Arctic Grayling. We usually offer true wilderness experiences to our clients without the traffic, large numbers of fishermen and all of the noise and added stress it takes to deal with them. “Combat” Fishing is not our style and we avoid it whenever possible. Our trips are all inclusive and very competitively priced for the quality of service and personal attention you’ll receive. All of our excursions, whether Jet Boat Trips, Floats, Heli Fishing, Walk-In Fishing or Mokai Tours, provide you with one very experienced guide per two anglers. We pride ourselves on personalized service and all of our excursions include three full meals per day. Not just snacks and a bottle of soda. Some of our days are long. We offer only full-day wilderness experiences (except by appointment and special arrangement) so we don’t set our watch by your time on the river. You’ll get to fish as hard and as long as you like and you may decide you’ll want to fish late. Many times, evenings hold the best fishing. We are confident that when you do your research, visit with us, and choose a guide service for your next fishing adventure; you’ll choose “Wilderness River Fishing Guides of Talkeetna, Alaska”, whether it be a one-day jet boat trip or a 7 day and 6 night float on a remote creek or river.


Talkeetna Jet Boat Fishing


Talkeetna Walk-in Fishing

We provide everything you’ll need for all of our excursions. You will need a truly waterproof raincoat, hat, shirt and personal items so, there is no need to drag along a lot of fishing gear, waders, boots etc. to Alaska. We also provide first rate Gear and Fine Quality Tackle. We treat our guests like family.

  • We provide the option to eat your fish that day! If your fish is caught within the correct season and regulation, we would be glad to prepare it for dinner that night!
  • Our trips include complete meals with full hot breakfast- eggs, sausages or bacon and fried potatoes.
  • Evening meals are ribeye steaks, grilled salmon, swordfish and other premium meals.
  • On Overnight trips we use all high quality camping gear including ALPS tents, premium sleeping bags and 3″ air mattresses.
  • We also furnish canopies for getting out of any rain for meals and evening social time.

The 2021 Park Connection Motorcoach’s schedule and rates are now available.

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