Walk-in Fly-Fishing to Wilderness Streams

A quiet walk-in experience can be relaxing, exhilarating and extremely successful. Sometimes the fish are there just waiting to take a dry fly or, lunker Kings, Reds or Silvers will bite at nearly everything when protecting their “territory”. If you’re anything like us and hours in a stream with a fly rod in your hand seem like only minutes, simplicity may be excellence when angling in Alaska’s clear, cold and fast moving waters. I’ve done a lot of fishing in Alaska, particularly in the Talkeetna, Dutch Hills and Denali State Park areas. When the fish are “in” it can be pretty amazing.

We base our rates and other excursions for parties of two. Minimum age of 14. All Inclusive.

Talkeetna Heli Fishing
Talkeetna Walk-in Fishing


Phone: 907-733-4111

  • What an experience! Wearing waders we explored a local creek catching a variety of fish including trout, king salmon, and dolly varden (all catch and release). We were amazed at the size of the King Salmon on a fly rod!

    Laurie S. - Florida

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