Fishing Season & Regulations

September through mid-October can offer some of the most exciting angling of the year for silvers, rainbows, and dolly vardens. It’s a period where many other outfitters have shut their doors and the local focus turns to hunting. As an angler, this can be one of the most rewarding times of the year for you to be on the water.

Although some streams may not require the release of rainbow trout, we ask our anglers to catch and release.

For its long-term protection, our salmon fishery is in a constant state of regulatory change. We make every effort to plan our trips around current and pending stream regulations. However, seasonal stream closures may happen at the last minute. We will make every effort to find alternatives.

Please note: As of 2012, felt-soled wading shoes are illegal to wear in Alaska.

For online licensing and seasonal information please visit:

King Salmon
King (Chinook) Salmon June 1 - July 13
Red (Sockeye) Salmon June 15 - August 20
Silver Salmon
Silver (Coho) Salmon August 1 - September 15
Pink (Humpy) Salmon July 1 - August 25
Chum (Dog) Salmon July 1 - August 25
Arctic GraylingMay 15 - October 15
Rainbow Trout
Rainbow / Lake TroutMay 1 – October 15
Dolly VardenMay 1 – October 15
Northern PikeMay 15 – October 15

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